psychology of the universe

psychology of the universe

it is a new branch of psychology which uses

scientific understanding and effective intervention

to analyze and understand the strong relation between

the essential values of human being and the universe

in order to reserve the universe resources and make

the human being more happier

our new science make new creative view and modern

concepts to this fated relation

we are dealing with the universe as a living thing taking

in our mind that the creator is one ALLAH

for example, for these shared values- the values of love,

equity, justice, good, galore, fair, collaboration, creation,

changing, mercy, system, truth, beauty,

and more and more of the very important and amazing

values which are favors from ALLAH

we are hopping more success for our new science

and we own open minds for creative discussion and

brain storming in order to develop the new science

for a good life for us and for our dear UNIVERSE



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